Marshall's Fudge and Candy Company

We offer a delicious assortment of chocolates, candy, handmade fudge gift baskets, all available on-line. Whether you prefer plain chocolate fudge or something more enticing like our peanut butter fudge, we have it all! Try all of our delectable Mackinac Island fudge flavors including, chocolate pecan, chocolate walnut, black walnut, and many more. Chocolates are desirable for all age groups and any day. Marshall's makes it irresistible!!

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Handmade from scratch the old fashioned way using only the finest ingredients, fudge is perfect to enjoy yourself or give as a gift. Order on-line or visit our shop where you can watch as we prepare many varieties of fudge.

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In order to make the perfect fudge, we start with only the finest ingredients. Each batch of fudge is processed differently depending on the kind being made. Temperature is critical in making the perfect fudge. Each variety of fudge requires its own special mix of ingredients and cooking instructions.

Handmade fudge recipes came from Mackinac Island about 80 years ago.